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The History of The Self-Balancing Scooter

History of Hoverboards

He was the one who invented the best hoverboard. Manufacturers and other companies took his designs and created there own and went on to make millions. Now there are a lot of best hoverboard brands.

Various people did mock it. It became a feeling as well as an idea for many memes, but the truth is, the segway hoverboards are getting more and more popular as they are quite convenient for most purposes of travel, are fun to ride and still provide some solid exercise for riders. As the first segways were released some years ago as handle bared scooters, the theory simply settled down and many new designs emerged and were released. The two-wheeled segway scooters are the latest sensation as they are even funnier than the conventional segways with handlebars and there are several models already available in the market for both beginners, kids, individuals and pro riders.

Who Invented the Self-Balancing Scooter?

Shane Chen. He is an American businessman and inventor who filed a patent for the hoverboard in 2013. He also launched a Kickstarter campaign that same year. He was the one who invented the best hoverboard. After the product went mainstream, Chen barely made any money off of it. Manufacturers and other companies took his designs and created there own and went on to make millions. Now there are a lot of best hoverboard brands.

Popularity In Society

Since the invention of this device, many celebrities have begun using it and it quickly went viral in recent years all over social media and the internet. In the early 1990s, there were a lot of rumors that some companies were expecting to leverage the commercial success of movies by manufacturing actual hoverboards. Many failed but some managed to produce and market hovercraft vehicles as hoverboards. However, these products have not duplicated the experience depicted on the big screen. Subsequent to the movies, the hoverboard concept has widely recently been reused by many creators in numerous types of media though in a fictional society.

Many organizations have so far spent time in conducting research with aim of utilizing the hoverboard technology and delivering it to reality. With the endless attempts and incorporation of technology so that they can do well, some have companies have managed to demonstrate similar experience to the ones in the films.

A Brief History on Hoverboards

Final Words

There is no denying that we are overdependent on machines and gizmos these days. Several would argue that an iPhone is a need for functioning in the current society. In what were once needs are now capitalist benefits.

If you’ve stepped in a major city around the world in the last several months, chances are you’ve seen a person or a gaggle of men and women whizzing by on an electric, self-balancing kid scooter that are being colloquially referred to as hoverboards. Whereas the aforesaid Segway scooter evokes thoughts of tourists cruising through city centers in fanny packs and bulbous helmets, the hoverboard crowd is decidedly younger, more fashion-conscious and decidedly cooler, depending on who you talk to.

Although the commercial hoverboards kids are riding today can’t actually levitate, we are hoping to see actual hoverboards in years to come. Many inventors have tried to create a successful hoverboard, such as the guys from Mythbusters, but they had no solid success.

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1 Comment

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